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Anastasi Family Syndicate

Dark Desires: Discrete Edition

Dark Desires: Discrete Edition

Book Two

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I was the person they called to take care of problems, a legend among hitmen. I've spent the last few years trying to suppress the killer inside, desperate to find a different side of myself. But Dimitri Ivanov ripped open Pandora's Box and I'm not sure it'll ever close again. I was ready to unleash my inner demons once more, letting the old me take over... until&nbsp;<i>her<i>.

Dimitri might have freed the murderous man I am, but I'll do everything I can to battle my own darkness and be the man she thinks I can be.

My only hope is that her love can withstand the <i> truth of what I've done.</i>

I’ll unleash the demons I've kept buried to save her... even if it means losing myself to do so.


I sat at my desk, surfing through information about the
Anastasi family. My phone vibrated beside me on the table, drawing my attention
from the computer. Glancing, I unlocked the screen and groaned when I saw who
it was.

How’s the job?

Rolling my eyes, I typed out my response.

Going as expected. Anything new on your end?

I went back to sifting through the photos of the family
online. Vincenzo was even more handsome in person, and the pictures I’d found
didn’t do him any justice. My phone bounced across the surface of the desk,
alerting me to another text.

No. Nothing to report here. I’ll check in again in a few days. Good luck.

I sent a quick response and tossed the phone aside.
Closing the laptop, I stood. I was feeling restless and needed to release some
pent-up energy before going to work. Noting the time, I decided to visit Fantasia again. It was one of the first places I sought when I moved to Vegas.

At first, I was afraid to risk joining the club, knowing who owned the place, but I knew privacy was of the utmost concern at Fantasia, so I took the chance I’d stay unknown.

My carnal desires needed an outlet, and it provided me the sanctuary to do so without the fear of being found out. When
Vincenzo asked what I did for pleasure, I wanted to tell him he already knew, but keeping my identity secret was paramount for many reasons.

Stripping, I pulled on a new corset and thigh-high
stockings. The crotchless panties I slipped into made me feel empowered. I tugged a fitted dress over the black satin and lace, covering the naughty lingerie. The last touch was the red wig that hid my blonde locks, preventing
anyone from recognizing me. Tonight, I needed to give myself to someone who
would command my body and make me forget my responsibilities… just for a little

The cab took me to the place I’d fantasized all day—Fantasia. I pushed through the throngs of people and pressed my keycard to the elevator panel. A small part of me hoped I would find the man I should be avoiding upstairs, but I didn’t get my hopes up. I’d be happy with any willing
Dom tonight. The room was lively when I stepped off the elevator and handed my
coat off to the girl behind the desk. Several sets of eyes tracked my movement
as I made my way to the bar and took a seat. I hoped someone worthy would seek
my company and take control of both our pleasures. It didn’t take long for my wish to come true.

The atmosphere stilled as he walked into the main room, and my breath caught in my throat when our eyes connected. I couldn’t control my body’s reaction just from seeing him stalk across the floor toward
me. His smile caught me off guard, causing the blush to deepen across my pale
skin. The nearness of his body had my pulse humming like a live wire. I was positive the thump of my heart could be heard by everyone in the room who were watching us with apt attention.

Leaning onto my side, his lips brushed the soft flesh beneath my ear.

“Hello, Red. Are you in the mood to play?”


My breath caught with excitement as he guided me
off the stool and held my hand in his. I wasn’t blind to the looks we were getting. It was a powerful feeling to be his for the night.

“I’ve been looking for you, Red. Where have you been?”

“Around. I’ve been busy, Sir.”

He sucked his teeth, pausing to look back at me.

“That won’t do. You need to make time for a little fun in your life. A beautiful woman like you deserves to be tied to a bed.” He ran his hand down my arm and leaned into my side as he whispered, “Follow me.”

I held onto his hand as he navigated us through the masses of people toward the back. Stepping inside the room, he pressed the door closed and stripped off his shirt.

“Remove your clothes and kneel,” he commanded.

My body complied out of need as I shed my clothing, leaving me in the corset I’d dawned before coming here. Dropping to the ground, I bowed my head and waited.

“I am your master tonight.” He walked around me, running his hand across my bare shoulders. “You will do as I say. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good. Stand.”

I pushed to my feet and waited. His hand wrapped
around my waist and untied the ribbon holding the corset against my skin. As soon as it dropped to the floor, his hands sought my breast. His fingers
pinched the tender flesh of my nipple, eliciting a moan from my lips. My pussy pulsed with need, aching to be touched.

“Do you like that?” He squeezed again, his other hand drifting between my legs. “Answer me.”

“Yes. I like it.”

His fingers dipped between the pink flesh, pressing inside of me as he bit my neck. I thrashed against him, willing him to fuck me without words. He walked us to the bed and tossed me down.

“Roll over.”

Moving to my back, I spread my legs in invitation. I watched through the slits of my mask as he eased down his pants. His cock sprang free—angry, red, and swollen.

“Take me in your mouth.”

He stepped to the edge of the bed, beckoning me closer. I sat up and crawled my way to the edge of the mattress and gripped him. He grunted as his hips thrust forward, causing the head of his dick to brush against my cheek. I turned my face and took him in my mouth. His groans of approval fueled my desire. His hand instinctively went to my hair, fisting it. I paused, speaking around his shaft.

“Easy. I want to remain anonymous. Please don’t
pull off my wig.”

He let go of my wig. “Then perhaps we should change positions. Get back on the bed.”

I released his cock with an audible pop and climbed backward on the bed. He moved around me, securing my arms and legs in binds. I watched in amazement as he opened a drawer and removed a flogger. He dragged the wand across my belly, causing me to shiver beneath the cool
leather. I hissed as he slapped it against my skin. A shiver ransacked my body as he toyed with the crotchless panties.

“Did you wear these for me?”

“Yes.” I watched him beneath my hooded gaze.

Smiling, he pressed his knee into the mattress between my legs. His fingers thrust into me as he paddled my clit with the
flogger. I was so close to release, but my body was fighting it. Sensing my struggle, he pulled his digits from my channel and slid from the bed. He quickly sheathed himself in a condom and took position above me.

“I know what you need, Red.” He rammed his cock inside me, forcing my body against the bed. He rocked into me as he gripped the headboard. “I will own your body. Feel my dick as it moves inside you. Tell me,
Red. Tell me I own your body.”

“Yes,” I moaned, thrashing as he destroyed my pussy for all others. “You own me… please don’t stop.” I was begging him to push me over the edge of bliss. He picked up the pace, giving into my wish with each thrust of his hips.

“Please, Sir,” I whimpered as my body began to tighten around him.

He pulled out, releasing my binds, and flipped me to my stomach. Arching my ass, he smacked his palm against the tender flesh and shoved inside me again. His movements were relentless as he pounded into my pussy. I could feel the tingling building as he drove us both closer to the edge. I teetered there, ready to jump off the cliff with him.

“I can’t hold out much longer. I need you to come, Red.”

My body reacted, clamping down around his shaft. My juices flooded out, coating his cock in my desire. He bellowed out as his orgasm broke free. Gripping my hips, he was driving in and out, grunting behind me as his cum spilled inside the condom. He rolled off me, shed the condom, and
tossed it into a nearby trashcan.

I adjusted my mask, ensuring it was secured to my face as I stood up from the bed. Gathering my dress from the floor, I cleaned myself up and tugged it over my head.

“I want you again, Red. Where are you running off to? The night is young.”

“I need to get some sleep.” I smiled. “Some of us have to work.”

“I’m sure your boss would understand if you took a day off.”

“You don’t know my boss. He’s a ruthless man and doesn’t take kindly to incompetent workers.” I smiled, knowing he was the boss.

“Sounds like a real prick.”

I couldn’t contain the giggle that burst from my lips. “If you only knew.”

“Can we make this a regular thing, perhaps?”

“What do you mean?” I tugged on my heels and paused with my hand on the doorknob.

He stepped behind me and pressed his chest into my back.

“Be my sub. Let me command your body here at Fantasia. We can meet here often and work out our frustrations from our daily lives.”

Leaning into his hardened muscles, I inhaled his scent. His cock was already standing at attention as he pressed against my ass. Everything in me said to walk out the door, but I couldn’t. I wanted to be his too much—damn the consequences. If I kept my identity a secret, he couldn’t
hurt me, and I couldn’t hurt him.

“Fine. I get off at midnight most nights. I’ll come here to find you.”

He grasped my chin and forced my head back. His
lips claimed mine in a possessive kiss that left my insides burning with passion. Slipping from his grasp, I darted out the door and ran to the elevator. I’d just agreed to be the Devil’s mistress. I should feel regret or shame… but all I felt was desire.

What had I done?

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