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Anastasi Family Syndicate

Fractured Devotion (Copy)

Fractured Devotion (Copy)

Book Six

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Releasing 5/7/24

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<p>As the head of club security, my job was to protect the Anastasi family's assets and stay out of their dark deals. I wasn't supposed to fall for Carmela, the youngest Anastasi. But those naughty smiles and f*cking in the backroom left my feelings for the off-limits Mafia princess a tangled mess.</p>
<p>Until she was taken...and&nbsp;<span class="a-text-italic">destroyed.</span></p>
<p>It's been six months since, and she's broken in ways I can't describe and might not survive. She might say she doesn't want me, but she's got no qualms about riding my c*ck or using me as her toy whenever she wants. And I let her because I know the real her—the one who's alive in there somewhere.</p>
<p>I'll follow Carmela into the darkness and fight her demons even if it means I have to become the merciless, blood-coated devil I despise. Because this time... I'll do whatever it takes to<em>&nbsp;<span class="a-text-italic">save</span></em>&nbsp;her.</p>

There are women you'd die for, women you'd kill for... but I'd never fallen for a woman who might kill me.


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