Dark Desires Preview

Chapter 10


I watched as people dined blissfully, unaware of the surrounding atrocities. Megan had not been found yet, and the Anastasi’s had somehow evaded law enforcement, keeping them unaware of her disappearance. In addition to that, Vincenzo had disappeared for several days without any explanation. While I appreciated it allowed me to keep my distance from him after the highly inappropriate—but permanently scorched into my brain kiss we shared, I had a job to do. A job I was slowly starting to hate. I wondered what he would do if he learned I was Red. Would he push me against the prepping counter and spank me—then fuck me senseless? Or would he put a bullet in my head for the lies I'd spun so intricately?

Vincenzo’s voice cut through the through the thoughts that had my traitorous body burning with desire. “Riley.”

My head snapped up to meet his heated gaze. “Yes, Sir?” I watched as his body momentarily stiffened.

His eyes narrowed on me as he barked his orders. “Lose the formalities. I need you back here.”

I hurried around the bar and pushed into the kitchen. “What do you need?”

“Grab some carrots and start chopping. The line Chef just cut himself and is in the bathroom tending to his wound.”

I ran my hand across the granite, pausing to pick up a blade. Spinning the handle between my fingers, I spread the veggies across the cutting board in preparation.

Vincenzo watched with longing as I moved the edge across the surface. “You know how to handle a knife well.”

I chuckled and tossed it to the table when I'd finished. “Don’t you?”

“You could say that.” He mumbled, turning back to his work.

We worked seamlessly the rest of the night, nearly falling dead on our feet, when the crowd finally parted. Vincenzo leaned against the counter and watched as I loaded the last of the pots into the dishwasher and turned it on.

“What are your plans for the night, Riley?” He asked as I wiped my hands down and shed my white linen jacket.

“A hot bath and sleep.” I yawned, knowing my intentions were no such thing. I hoped to find him at the club like I had been the last few months.

“How about a drink?”

I blinked, unsure if I heard him right. “A drink?”

“Yeah. You know, like a cocktail… with me?”

“Oh. I don’t think we should." Even though everything in me wanted to say yes, I had to keep some distance. ,"I’m exhausted and just want to get some sleep. Maybe another time?”

Vincenzo stepped a breath away from me and fingered a loose strand of hair at my nape. “Another time. But Riley?"

"Yes?" My voice came out far breathier than I wanted. "You can keep pretending the kiss didn't happen—but I can't." He stepped away and tugged open the door. "I’ll see you tomorrow, Riley.”

I followed him out, watching as he locked up and got on his bike. Sending a silent prayer to the heavens, he was going to Fantasia. I hurried down the sidewalk to my apartment. I shouldn’t be hoping for things so dangerous. But my body needed what only he could give me.

After showering, dawning only a black lace bra and crotchless panties, I slipped on some heels and my jacket. Making sure the wig was securely in place, I stepped out into the night air. The club felt like it was eons away, but that was due to the heady desire driving me to a man I shouldn't want. Slipping my mask from my pocket, I secured it to my face before anyone noticed my arrival and headed in the direction of our private room. Relief washed over me to find him sitting in the chair, watching the door like a predator waiting for his prey.

His voice washed over me, drawing a shiver out. “I hoped you would come.”

Pushing the door closed behind me, “I needed to see you.”

He pushed to his feet and prowled toward me. The wicked glint in his eyes put body on high alert.

It was the way he moved—the way his eyes devoured me like a man starved.

“I see you dressed for me.” His fingers pushed the coat off my shoulders, causing it to slide off and drop to the floor. A deep rumble vibrated in his chest, seeing me in only a lace bra and crotchless panties. His fingertips blazed a trail down my side, his mere touch igniting a fire inside me that only he could put out.

“Do you approve?” My eyes were downcast, waiting for his permission to look at him.

“You’re the only woman who has me questioning everything.” He fingered the black strap of my bra, pushing it to the side as his lips descended on my skin. Vincenzo brushed the red braid over my shoulder and latched on to my neck. His teeth nipping at my flesh. “I wish you would take this off and let me see the real you.” The tip of my wig twirled between his fingers.

I moaned under the heat of his mouth, silently wishing for that too. “Sir.”

“Why do you wear it? We don’t need the role play, Red. Are you hiding something?”

“I…” His lips captured mine as his hand pressed into my belly. “Please…sir.”

“Please what?”

“Make me cum.”

He spurred into action, spinning me around and lifting me from the floor. He carried me to the bed, lying me down gently on top of the mattress. He slid my panties down and tossed them to the floor. “Use your safe word if this becomes too much.”


“Good girl.” I watched beneath the edges of my mask as he gathered a few toys from the nearby dresser. He gently bound my arms and legs to each of the bedposts. Clamps were applied to each nipple just before he stuffed a gag into my mouth.

“Let me hear your safe word, Red.”

“Pufurl,” I mumbled around the ball.

“Good.” He ran his hand up my thigh and stopped at my center. “Tonight, is about pleasure and pain becoming one.” He walked around the foot of the bed and picked up a wand. The vibrator whirled to life as he ran his palm across my stomach. Climbing into the bed, he kneeled between my legs. Vincenzo pressed the toy to my leg, causing me to jerk against the binds that held me in place.

“You like that, don’t you?” He held my gaze as he pressed the vibrator against my center. Every nerve came alive as it rubbed against my clit. I thrashed and moaned as the orgasm built. Just as I was about to topple over the edge, he pulled it away, causing my climax to retreat. “You’ll come when I say you’ll come.”

“Pwease…” My breathless plea fell on deaf ears, and I watched as he tossed the wand to the floor.

He stepped away from the bed. “I think I’ll try something else.” He grabbed a leather whip and snapped it through the air. “I want to open your flesh and see your skin pinked. Can you handle this, Red?”

I nodded, the yes coming out muffled from the ball gag restricting my words. My eyes followed his hands as he flicked his wrist. The tip of the whip brushed against my skin, causing me to cry out around the plastic pressing against my teeth. He continued to command the toy in his hand. The sound of leather cracking against my skin filled the room. Vincenzo was completely lost in his head, unaware that the pleasure had long ceased and my cried weren't from that of pleasure. I couldn’t take it anymore. My skin felt like it was being torn from my body with each crack of the torture device.

“Pufurl… Pufurl…” I cried out, begging him to stop around the tears pouring out from behind the mask. The whip lashed out one last time, leaving a trail of blood across my backside before he realized I’d called out my safe word.

“Jesus Christ.” He swore, tossing the whip to the floor. “Red.”

He rushed to my side, freeing my arms and legs as he moved to pull me against him. I tugged the gag from my mouth as the sobs erupted. For the first time with this man, I felt fear.

“Fuck… I’m so sorry.” He pressed kisses to my head. “I—I lost myself.”

I laid perfectly still, tears flowing freely as Vincenzo assessed the damage to my flesh. He ran his hands gently over the welts along my rib cage and down my legs. He pressed his lips to the torn skin, kissing the marks he left on my body.

“Can you forgive me?” His voice cracked with emotion I didn't expect, as he begged for my forgiveness. “I didn’t mean to do this. I…” He stood and turned his back on me. “I’m a monster, Red.” He grabbed his pants and pulled them on. “You deserve someone better than me. I’ll send in someone else in to tend to your wounds.”

Without another word, he turned and fled the room. Vincenzo left me on the bed, broken and confused. Despite the utter terror I felt, I didn’t want anyone else to touch me.

I wanted him.

Easing off the bed, I hissed through the pain and gathered my things quickly. I stuffed everything in my jacket pocket, composing myself, then hurried from the room before anyone else came in. Several patrons watched me as I beelined for the elevator, but no one tried to stop me. Once I stepped inside, I let myself crumble again.

Maybe he was right.

Maybe he was a monster.