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Redeemed Hearts Collection

Angsty Protector Romance Bundle

Angsty Protector Romance Bundle

E-Book Bundle

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Grab the entire 7-book bundle plus 1 Bonus Book in this Angsty Protector Romance Bundle by USA Today Bestselling Author LC Taylor.

This offer is NOT available anywhere else.

☑️The Glass Heart
☑️ Bound
☑️ Forget Me Not
☑️End of the Road
☑️Hidden in Plain Sight
☑️Words from the Heart
☑️His Imperfect Mistake
☑️Bonus: The Road Home

Grab these books if you want your HEA's to include:
He falls first and harder
Broken Hero
Opposites Attract
Emotional Scars
Second Chance Love

Trust doesn’t come easily to a bruised and broken heart. It takes a special person at the right moment to bring you back from the brink.

It’s not just the passion or the pleasure. It’s learning to trust. Find redemption in the arms of a hero and believe in love again.


“Here you go.” Stroking the loose hair from her face, “God, Jess. Even drunk, you’re beautiful.”

″Don’t… I’m such a mess. AJ, you don’t deserve this. You
should be out dating—"nding love. Not taking care of a
broken-hearted widow.”

Cupping her face with his hands, “Jess. I am right where I want to be. And I have love… I don’t need to date. What I want is right here.”

They stared at each other, never breaking eye contact. Overcome with emotion, Jesse leaned into him and pressed her lips to his. AJ’s body stiffened, but soon, his lips began to move against hers. His hand tangled into her hair as he deepened the kiss. Coming to his senses, AJ broke the kiss.

“Wait… Jess, stop. You’re drunk—you don’t want this. You’re confused right now.”

Running his hands through his hair, he squatted on his heels at the side of the bed.

″AJ—I’m sorry. I….” Tears spilled from her eyes as she buried her face into her pillow to hide her embarrassment.

AJ reached out and brushed his palm down her arm. ″Look, I love you. More than I think you’re ready for, Jess. But when you are ready… I’ll be here waiting. And when you finally decide you want more with me—it won’t be after you’ve drunk your sorrows away. It’ll be because your heart is ready. Ok?” He pulled the pillow away from her face. “Look at me. Do you understand what I’m saying? The hardest thing I will ever do is walk out of this room tonight."

Nodding her head, “I understand. Thank you, AJ… for everything. I don’t deserve you.”

Standing, he leaned down and placed a kiss on her head. “You don’t deserve to be a widow. You don’t deserve to be sad. But Jesse, you do deserve to love again—when you’re ready and your time. Get some rest. We’ll eat breakfast together in the morning.”

AJ pulled the covers over her before leaving the room. Walking out, he paused at the door. “Jesse, I’ve loved you since our sophomore year of high school. My brother stealing your heart didn’t change that—I’d wait an eternity for you to love me like you did.”

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