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Anastasi Family Syndicate

Possessive Mafia Boss Bundle 1

Possessive Mafia Boss Bundle 1

Books One - Five

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☑️Dangerous Attraction
☑️Dark Desire
☑️Fatal Love
☑️Deadly Intentions
☑️Bonus: Carnage Heart
☑️Savage Hearts
☑️Bonus: Unexpected Belonging
☑️Fractured Devotion

Grab these books if you want your HEA's to include:
He falls first and harder
Forced Proximity
Opposites Attract

Family. Loyalty. Power.

The Anastasi's stop at nothing to get what they want... even if it means getting their hands dirty. 


Holy. Mother. Fucking. Shit.

His cock was a monster.

I shouldn’t have gone to the door.

I knew better.

But I thought I heard him call my name. When I pulled open the door, I froze. He was hammering said cock with his hand as he leaned against the glass wall. I should have turned around, but I couldn’t take
my eyes off him. He grunted as his release exploded. I’d never seen so much cum in my life.

Hell, who was I kidding? I’d never been close to a cock.

At almost twenty-one, my sexual experience was a
heavy make-out session with a boy from college. He wanted more, but I wasn’t ready for that kind of commitment. So, there I stood—two feet away from the most glorious cock in the world—a virgin.

My eyes stayed frozen on him until the last drop of semen dripped from his cockhead. Glancing up at his face, I couldn’t turn away. His feral gaze was locked on me. I blushed, embarrassed he'd caught me invading his privacy.

“Um…” I stepped back. “Sorry, I thought you called my name. I’ll just go.”

Tugging the door closed, I ran to the kitchen. I was beyond mortified. I’d just saw my boss beating his meat like there was no tomorrow… and I was certain he was masturbating because of me.

“Shit,” I muttered when I realized he'd probably seen
me changing. Which meant he’d definitely been turned on by me. That sent a thrill through my body instead of embarrassment. Grabbing a cup, I turned on the coffeemaker and waited. Maybe we could just pretend that didn’t just happen. What the hell was I going to say? Oops, I didn’t mean to walk in on you masturbating. Or how about the fact I stayed and watched? God… the situation
was fucked-up.


I jumped at his voice, looking up to meet his piercing dark eyes.


He was dressed in a pair of snug dark wash jeans paired
with a red fitted t-shirt and black blazer.

“I need to handle some business downstairs.” He
grabbed his cell phone from the charger and shoved it into his pocket.

“Okay. I should probably go back to my place and try to get a hold of the landlord.”

He shook his head. “It’s being taken care of. My brother will send someone over to fix your door. Until it’s done, I’d appreciate it if you stayed here.”

“Look…” I smiled. “I appreciate what you did for me last night, but I need to go home.”

Stepping toward me, he ran his thumb across my jaw, pressing it into my bottom lip.

“You start work for me today, anyway. Go downstairs in a bit and meet with Carlisle to get your paperwork done. You can
start early.”

I sighed when his hand dropped from my face.

“You don’t need to give me special treatment.”

“I’m not.” He smiled. “You’re going to stay here until I know it’s safe for you. I can’t investigate the matter right now because of another pressing issue. Please do this for me. I couldn’t live with
it on my conscience if I let you go home, and you got hurt.”

I mulled over his words. After everything he’d done for me in the last twelve hours, I didn’t want to seem ungrateful. “Fine,
but I want to go home soon. If your…” She furrowed her brow. "What is Donny? Your security?”

“Yes, you could call him that. He’s also my best friend, and I trust him with my life.”

“Well, if he can’t figure out what happened by
tomorrow, I’m going to the police.”

“That won’t be necessary.” I watched as he scribbled something on a piece of paper. “Here’s the access code for the
elevator. I’d appreciate it if you didn’t share it with anyone.”

I looked at the slip and took it. “I won’t. Will I see you today?”

“Of course.” He headed toward the door. “I own the place, so being around is part of the job.” He mashed his finger to the reader, making the elevator whir to life. As the doors opened, he paused with his hand holding the metal doors from closing. “And Madison?” He called out to me.

“Yeah?” My eyes found his.

“My cock hasn’t been that hard for anyone. Next time, I won’t be coming in my hand.” He slipped inside, and the doors slid shut.

My cheeks were on fire from embarrassment, but my
panties were soaked with desire. I had to go back to my apartment soon, or I’d be making a mistake that involved my boss’s cock inside me.

I couldn’t afford to lose this job, not with my future within reach. Graduating had been enough for me, but now… staring at the metal walls of the elevator, I wondered what it would feel like to have something more.

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