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Ultimate Alpha-Hole Romance Bundle

Ultimate Alpha-Hole Romance Bundle

13 Books one Price!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐500+ 5-Star Reviews!

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Grab the entire 13-book bundle plus 4 Bonus Books in this Ultimate Alpha-Hole Romance Bundle by USA Today Bestselling Author Dori Pulitano.

This offer is NOT available anywhere else.

You’re trapped in his apartment for protection… the catch—there’s only one bed.

 “I can’t sleep.”

“Do you need another blanket?”

“No… I…” I sighed into the room. “This place is foreign to me. Do you think you could come lie beside me?”

I could hear his sharp intake of air. You want me to get into bed with you?”

“I know it’s silly because we don’t know each other, but you make me feel safe. And right now, I am scared to close my eyes.”

The couch creaked, telling me he’d stood. His feet made a slight thumping sound as he padded across the room. The bed dipped on the opposite side as he climbed in beside me. His muscular frame filled the mattress, crowding me in a way my body liked.  This man was gorgeous, and despite the fact he had yet to try anything, I knew he wanted me—evidenced by the outline of his arousal. Keeping the platonic was going to be hard... almost as hard as him. 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Great story and characters! Tons of steamy scenes and suspense to keep you reading!" - Sandra S., Amazon Review 

Continue reading Dangerous Attraction if you like: 

  • He falls first and harder
  • Forced Proximity
  • Alpha-Hole
  • Mafia

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Gave the right amount of depth and "want" to read more. It can essentially be read as a standalone, but book one ends with a whirlwind shocker that leads into book two. It's a must-read!" - Ms. Cat, Amazon Review


☑️Bad Union 
☑️Bad Diagnosis
☑️Bad Rhythm 
☑️Bonus: Deal with the Devil
☑️Bad Blows

☑️Dangerous Attraction
☑️Dark Desire
☑️Fatal Love
☑️Deadly Intentions
☑️Bonus: Carnage Heart
☑️Savage Hearts 
☑️Fractured Devotion
☑️Bonus: Unexpected Belonging

☑️Blood Ties
☑️Stolen Peace
☑️Shattered Devotion
☑️ Bonus: Anastasi-Silva Crossover


(Dangerous Attraction, Book One, Anastasi Family Syndicate)

When you think you heard the HOT Mafia boss calling your name, and you walk in on him... naked.

I shouldn’t have gone to the door.

I knew better.

I mean... it was the bathroom, but I was certain I heard him calling my name and was terrified to keep a man like him waiting. I might have only been in his presence for twenty-four hours, but he wasn't someone to argue with.. whatever he said was law, and no one went against him.

When I pulled open the door, I froze at the sight of him inside the giant glass enclosure. His muscular frame was bent beneath the rivets of water that dripped down his skin. The muscles of his back flexed as he worked himself with his hand. His head was tossed back, his eyes were pinched shut, and his lip was caught between his perfect white teeth.

I should have turned around, but I couldn’t take my eyes off him—I couldn't. Massimo Anastasi might be scary as fuck, but right now, he was a walking-talking porno.
My eyes tracked the evidence of his orgasm as it mixed with the drops of water and trailed down the thin barrier separating us. The sound of my name made me jerk my eyes to his face, which resembled a man lost to his dirty thoughts.

Had he just been jerking off to me? I sucked in a gasp at the realization my boss was masturbating while thinking of me, and I'd just stood there watching him.

His eyes popped open, his feral gaze pinning me to the spot. "Madison?" Massimo blinked, confused as to why I was standing in the doorway.

I jumped at his voice, looking up to meet his piercing dark gaze. I jumped at his voice, looking up to meet his piercing dark gaze. “Um… I. Uh. Sorry.” I sputter my words, completely dumbstruck.

Hunger and heat filled the nearly black eyes as he stared at me like I was a juicy steak he wanted to devour.

My world was spinning. The boss was calling my name, and instead of shame, I was overcome with so much desire I didn't realize I should probably run the fuck away.

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