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Mafia Mayhem Bundle

Mafia Mayhem Bundle

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Get the entire Anastasi Family Syndicate PLUS the Silva Brothers in this MASSIVE MAFIA BUNDLE.

In addition, you'll receive The Silva Brothers-Anastasi Family Syndicate Crossover, Unexpected Hearts, and Carnage Hearts — Exclusive Anastasi Family Syndicate Short Stories only sold here!

Reading Order:

Anastasi Family Syndicate 

  1. Dangerous Attraction (Book 1)
  2. Dark Desire  (Book 2)
  3. Fatal Love  (Book 3)
  4. Deadly Intentions (Book 4) 
  5. Unexpected Belonging (A Short Story)
  6. Carnage Heart (Prequel to Book 5 - Short Story)
  7. Savage Hearts (Book 5)

The Silva Brothers

  1. Blood Ties (Book 1) 
  2. Stolen Peace (Book 2) 
  3. Shattered Devotion (Book 3)
  4. An Anastasi-Silva Crossover Bonus Scene (You can read this after Fatal Love or at the conclusion of the Silva Brothers)
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