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The Winston Brothers

Bad Blows

Bad Blows

Book Four

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<p>They call me Saint even though I deliver nothing but sin and pain. My world is nothing but darkness, bloody fights, and screams of the crowd. There’s no time for a silly thing called love in my world of chaos.<p>
<p>The women I go for are the ones who don't ask for love, they just want one night and a ride on the wild side. Until Little Miss Uptight, with her perfect blonde hair and pencil skirt, struts in with news that leaves me reeling.<p>
<p>Ms. Prim and Proper might have gotten in the first jab, but I’ll have her on the ropes—and her knees soon enough.<p>

I thought the ring prepared me for anything—until she landed a devastating blow... one I never saw coming.



Ducking Axel’s uppercut, I dodge to the left and strike out with my right arm. The hit knocks him back, giving me ample time to adjust my stance. Stepping toward him, I finish the match with a quick one-two punch, leaving him laid out on the ground.

“Shit.” I reach my arm down, holding my hand out to help him up. “You okay?”

Axel pops up with my help and shakes off the blow.

“It hurt, but I’ll live. Besides, how am I supposed to get ready to win a belt if I can’t handle your hits?” Axel smirks. “I gotta run, so same time tomorrow?”

“Yep.” I slip between the ropes of the ring and jump to the floor. Grabbing a towel, I wipe the sweat coating my brow as I uncap my water and guzzle the liquid in one go.

As I go around the front desk, Christy is watching me. She’s starting to get desperate and flirts a bit too much for my liking. If I was anything like my brother, Dallas, I would bend her over the desk and fuck her silly, but that was the old me. Since being in jail, I’ve strayed from sex with women who only see me as the ‘Saint.’” I don’t want a relationship, and if I did, it wouldn’t be with a woman like her. Mixing business and pleasure backfires, and I’ve had too many problems without workplace relationships being one of them.

The session with Axel went a bit longer, but it was good. The gym will be closing soon, and after my shower, I’ll head over to the bar and seek a random hookup. If I can’t find a quick fuck there, I’ll go to my brother’s house and hang out with him. Griffyn is the oldest and by far the most stubborn. As anti-relationship as I am, he multiplies that feeling by a quadrillion.

Stripping off my clothes, I flick on the showerhead and step beneath the water. The initial cold blast creates goosebumps on my skin, but they quickly dispel as the temperature heats to near scalding. I pump some of the body gel from the dispenser hanging on the wall and lather my hands. Coating my body in the suds, I let the spray wash over me, rinsing away the sweat and the strain of tonight’s sparing match. Lost in thought, I don’t hear the door to my office bathroom open.

“Thought maybe you needed some help in here.” Christy’s voice ricochets off the tiled walls. When I glance over my shoulder, she’s standing completely nude behind me.

“What the fuck, Christy? You need to leave… now.”

“Don’t be like that.” She takes two steps forward and presses her hand against my back. “I know you want me. I see how you glance at me. Let me make you feel good, Saint.”

And there it is, the reason she’s throwing herself at me. The title, not me, lured her into the shower.

“I don’t know what you think you’ve seen, Christy, but I can promise you it’s not desire.”

Her hand moves down my stomach and grips my cock. “This says otherwise.”

“I’m a man, Christy.” Scoffing at her boldness, I grab her hand, halting her pursual of my dick. “When a naked woman stands in front of me, my dick is going to notice. It’s biology, but it doesn’t change the fact you’ve come into my private shower without being asked. I don’t want you, now or ever.” I slap her hand away as I move out from beneath the water and cut off the spigot. Pushing around her, I grab my towel and wrap it around my waist. Christy follows me out, not listening to my request for her to get out. “What part of ‘get the hell out’ did you misunderstand?”

Christy steps forward and jerks my towel off as she drops to her knees. She grips my cock before I can react and slides her mouth over the tip. My body responds almost instantly, but my brain catches up to what’s happening, and I grab her hair.

“Stop, Christy.”

The anger in my tone causes her to stop, giving me the opportunity to pull free of her grasp and mouth, the movement causing her to fall on her ass.

“You have about ten seconds to get your ass out of here.”

“Seriously?” She glances up at me. “Why don’t you want me?”

“My days of bedding women who only see me as Saint are over.” I gather her discarded clothes strewn across the floor and toss them at her. Wrapping my towel around my waist, I jerk open my door and point to the hallway. “You can gather your shit when you go. You’re fired, Christy. And if you think for a second about turning this into something more, remember, I have cameras everywhere. Including the showers.”

Her face pales as she scrambles to stand, covering her bare breasts with her arms.

“Fuck you, Ryker. You’re not all that, anyway.”

I watch her bolt from the room and vaguely hear the front door shutting. Grabbing my clothes, I tug them on and close my eyes. Running my palm down my face, I blow out a frustrated breath. Maybe Luke was right—I need to get laid.

Once I secure the gym, I climb on my ride and head toward the local pub. Maybe picking up a piece of tail would ease this frustration that’s riddling my body to the extreme. The night air cools my skin, burning off some of the pent-up anger I still have after Christy’s bullshit encounter. I’d be lying if I said her lips didn’t feel pretty good wrapped around my cock, but she’s nothing but a nightmare wrapped in a pretty package.

The parking lot is packed, which means there’s a good chance I’ll be able to relieve the ache behind my zipper. The sound of music pours out of the door as I pull it open and step inside the bar. Navigating my way through the crowd of bodies, I saddle up to the bar on the last empty stool.

“Ryker.” Jax, the bartender, sets a napkin down in front of me. “Haven’t seen you in a while. How’s it going?”

“Same ole, same ole. Business seems to be doing alright, I see.” Glancing around, I scan the dance floor.

He chuffs out a laugh. “You haven’t been in a while. Business is always like this on Fridays.”

Nodding, I turn back to him and smile. “Can I get a Crown on ice?”

“You want a tab started?” Jax grabs a glass from beneath the counter and turns it up on the bar top. He scoops some cubes into it and then covers them in the smooth amber liquid.

“Nah, I’m not staying long.” I toss him a twenty and smile. “Keep the change.”

“Holler if you change your mind.”

He scurries off to help some other patrons, leaving me alone in my thoughts. Just as I tip the glass to my lips, a hand presses into my back and drifts up and over my shoulder. Glancing back, my eyes lock with a pair of heavily lined eyes.

“Hey, sexy.” The woman slips between me and the person sitting next to me. “You looked lonely over here.”

Her tawny hair hangs over her bare shoulder, the tips resting against her chest. The dress she’s wearing does very little to cover her body, but I’m sure it’s intentional. For a minute, I consider brushing her off, but my dick seems to have perked up at the sight of her massive tits.

“Just watching the bar for something interesting.” I practically eye fuck her. “Are you interesting?”

She giggles, a sound that nearly undoes the pulsating need in my pants, but I ignore it.

“I can be whatever you want.”

Downing the last sip of my whiskey, I grab her hand and drag her across the dance floor and down the hallway. I’ve done this before, so finding my destination is like muscle memory. Shoving open the back door, we nearly tumble out into the alley, our anticipation of what’s coming driving us forward.

“Seriously? The alley?” She cocks her head and blinks.

“You want my cock or not?” I’m not in the mood to deal with a whiney girl. Pushing her against the brick wall, I shove my knee between her legs and shove her dress up, pinching her nipples when they spring free. “If you want to stop, say so now because I plan to fuck you hard in about ten seconds.” I reach into my back pocket and fish a condom out of my wallet. Unsnapping my pants, I shove them down slightly and sheath my already hard dick in the rubber.

“Turn around.” I spin her around so she’s facing away from me. “Brace your hands on the wall, doll. This is going to get rough.”


I rip her panties off and ram my cock between her folds, cutting her words off.

There’s nothing gentle about the way I take her, but I don’t care. She’s a means to an end for me. Her whimpers echo off the alleyway as my shaft slams into her from behind. Her tits bounce beneath her shoulders as her head knocks into the bricks with each powerful thrust of my hips.

“Ow.” She mutters, arching her ass toward me as she pushes away from the hard surface, impaling herself on my cock. “Oh my God.” Her voice wobbles as her pussy clenches around my steel rod.

The sensation of her walls gripping my shaft spurs me on, and I don’t ease up. In fact, my thrusts are unforgiving as I ram myself into her. My balls tingle as the sensation of my impending orgasm starts to move up from the base of my spine. Roaring out my release, I pull out of her and brace my hands against the wall.

“Fuck.” I take several deep breaths to calm my racing heart as I stand at my full height. Gripping my softening dick, I pull off the condom and tie it off before tossing it into the nearby dumpster. Tugging my pants up, I move to step around the girl.

“Thanks, doll. I needed that.”

“Wait.” She nearly topples over as she hurries toward me when I head toward the main street. “That’s it? You’re just gonna fuck me and go?”

Pausing, I glance over my shoulder. “Did you think I was gonna date you? You weren’t that great, sweetheart, but you did the job.”

“Fuck you, Saint.”

There it is. The only reason she wanted to fuck me. No one sees Ryker Nash… only the Saint. Shaking my head, I blow out a breath.

“Well, I guess you got what you wanted too, didn’t you? Now you can run along and tell all your friends how Saint fucked you in the alley like a whore.”

I hear her let out a string of expletives as I amble around the building and onto the sidewalk. She was supposed to take my mind off my shit day—instead, she’s only added to it. Finding my motorcycle, I unfasten the helmet from the handlebars and slip it on my head. Straddling the seat, I fire up the engine and let the rumble of the engine work its way through my body. It seems my bed might be the only place I’ll find peace for a little while.

Tomorrow is going to be a nightmare without a receptionist, but firing Christy was probably the only smart thing I’ve done tonight. Casting a glance toward the alley as I pull out, I’m relieved to see the girl, whose name I didn’t even get, is no longer there. I might be a dick, but I wouldn’t want her to get hurt by someone wanting to do nefarious things in an alleyway.

I snort at my thoughts. Hell, I just did wicked things to her myself.

Shrugging off the crappy night, I let the wind blow away my anxiety and head home. Since getting out of prison, I’ve felt restless, as if something is missing in my life. What, I have no idea. Maybe my brush with death changed my outlook on life. I know it’s the reason I’m unwilling to step in the ring professionally again—being the Saint nearly cost me everything. Focusing on the lights of the city, I push down my depression. Maybe tomorrow, things will turn around.

They can’t get any worse… can they?

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