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The Winston Brothers

Bad Union

Bad Union

Book One

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I've seen violence and heartbreak my whole life. Some say I have no heart. That I'm cold, calculating, and ruthless. Maybe that's true, but it's helped me become the divorce attorney men fear. My clients all say the same thing… I'm a dick. But I don't have to win their friendship to ensure they're set up for life—even if it means being a prick in and out of court.

I've closed myself off from all outside attachments, feeding my need for control in a more carnal way. I've learned feelings make things messy and steer clear of getting involved with anyone. Until she walked into my office, needing my help.

I've seen her kind before. Sweet, innocent, and completely unprepared for the asshole they married to turn on them. She wants me to be a shark, but I don't think she realizes how far I'll go to win. Because this time it's different. This time I've found something I want.

I'll break every rule there is for her freedom. Only this time, the payment is <I>her</i>—body and soul.

I'll win your freedom… but I'm going to own you in return.


The room is bathed in a red glow from a couple of lamps placed throughout the space. I’m grateful the room is

unoccupied, as it has become my favorite. I pull the cotton shirt I’m wearing over my head and toss it to a nearby chair. After kicking off my shoes and removing my socks, tonight, I need to lose myself for just a little while.

A slight creak of the door makes me glance over my shoulder. Kat is followed by a woman who makes me pause. Even though she too has her face covered, the uncanny resemblance to the judge's wife is still obvious. Her long brown hair cascades over her bare shoulders, leading to a narrow frame. The black corset she wears does little to conceal the ample bosom beneath it. Like Kat’s, I suspect her tits aren’t real.

I move toward the two women, both standing perfectly still, waiting for my commands.

"Did Kat explain my rules?" I watch her quick intake of breath as my fingers trail down her bare arm.

"Yes, sir." Her timid response makes me smirk as I continue my appraisal of her body.

"Good. Don’t move." I circle her, taking in every square inch of exposed skin. "Kat, I want you to kneel before her."

Kat silently moves in front of her and drops to her knees. She bows her head, waiting for my instructions. I finger the ribbons holding the black corset onto the woman’s body and tug them loose. The material drops to the ground beside Kat with a thud, leaving her bare except for the black satin thong she wears. My palm cups her breast as my thumb swipes over her pert nipple. Leaning forward, I circle the pink bud with my tongue. "Pull her panties down." I bark out my first order and watch as Kat slips the smooth material down her thin legs and tosses them away from us. "Lick her pussy, Kat."

The moment Kat’s tongue connects with her center, the stranger’s body tenses. I don’t ask her name, because I don’t need to know it for what I am about to do to her. I pinch her nipple between my thumb and pointer finger, eliciting a sharp inhale of breath from her and a slight falter in her stance.

"Don’t move." I swat at her ass, pissed she didn’t hold still—even if it was only slight.

"Yes, sir." She dips her head in acknowledgment of fucking up.

Looking down at Kat, I watch as she attacks her core with fervor. I wrap my fingers in Kat’s blonde strands and tug her head back. "Stop. She will not come."

My palm trails down the woman’s body and stops at her slit. Her pussy is dripping wet with a mixture of Kat’s spit and her own juices. My finger glides between her folds with ease as I push it inside her channel. Her body starts to quiver from the forceful intrusion. As I pump in and out, I pull harder on Kat’s hair. I’m demanding as I push her head toward my groin. "Take my cock out and suck me off."

Kat’s delicate hand seeks out my zipper, dragging it down to release my manhood. I stiffen beneath her touch as she tugs me out from the confines of my pants and covers my hard member with her mouth.

"Fuck." I hiss, bucking my hips into her face. The woman I’m fingering lets out a moan and I jerk my hand free, withholding the orgasm I know she’s close to. I close my eyes and focus on Kat’s lips wrapped around my shaft. Jamming my hand back between the stranger's legs, I twist my hand, reaching for the rough spot inside her. "I know you want to scream. But I don’t allow it." It’s mean but getting her close to cut her off is what control is all about.

"Stop." I move out of Kat’s grasp and pull my fingers from the nameless girl’s hole. Licking her essence from my fingers, I move toward the bed, kicking my pants off as I do. "Get on the bed. Both of you."

Kat and her friend scramble toward the massive king size bed and crawl on.

"Kat, take your clothes off."

She disrobes quickly and lays back, baring herself to me. Both women lie side by side, awaiting my next order. I tug at my new pet’s legs, pulling her until she’s positioned at the edge of the mattress. I jam my finger between her folds with such force her entire body shakes.

"Kat." I motion for her to crawl toward me and straddle the girl’s head. "Ride here face." I flick Kat’s clit, pinching and rolling it between my fingers before stepping back. After retrieving a few things, I reposition myself between her thighs.

I cover my cock in a rubber and thrust inside her cunt. Kat is moaning above her, lost in the rapture of the girl’s tongue in her center. I lean forward, placing my mouth at the juncture of Kat’s legs. The heat of the stranger’s pussy wrapped around my cock, combined with the taste of Kat on my lips, is maddening.

I use the vibrator I set to the side, pressing it to the spot where my body is joined with hers. It’s like a match being thrown into a vat of gasoline, igniting a firestorm beneath me. Her body arches as her legs tighten around me. My cock swells inside her hole, threatening to rip through the condom if I don’t slow my driving thrusts. Just as she starts to lose all control, I jerk the vibrator from her clit. Her body tenses, but her release never comes.

I can see the confusion in her eyes, but I ignore it, pounding into her as I chase my release. My balls tighten and I let go, spilling myself inside the tiny barrier buried in her cunt. My mouth parts and I cry out my release, uttering one simple word. One that burns into my consciousness, leaving me feeling more fucked up than ever.


I withdraw my cock and step away from the pair, who are panting heavily on the bed. "Get dressed and get out." I bark my order as I flee to the bathroom. I don’t give a fuck that I only took what I needed from them.

I turn on the shower and step in once the water is heated. With my palms braced against the tiled wall, I hang my head. I needed the release to push down the foreign emotions I’ve been feeling since meeting the woman whose name I just cried out. Being the cold-hearted bastard in there makes me feel more like myself. So, I’d like to believe. But as the water flows over my body and swirls its escape down the drain, only one thing—or rather, one person fills my thoughts.


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