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Redeemed Hearts Collection

End of the Road

End of the Road

Book Four

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Amelia's heart was shattered not once, but twice, a turn of events she never anticipated. Losing her husband in a sudden tragedy, she found herself grappling with the fragments of her own heart. Every corner of her life served as a painful reminder of the man she had envisioned spending eternity with, leaving her feeling as though love had reached its final destination.

When her past and present converge, Amelia is confronted with her deepest fears, testing her in ways she didn't foresee. With a broken heart, the prospect of discovering something she once lost, challenges her to reevaluate everything she believed true. Feeling certain that the road of love had ended, Amelia now wonders if there might be more to her story.

As she embarks on an unforeseen path, she'll find that life holds surprises even in the face of heartache, leading her toward the possibility of a fresh start and a chance at a love she never thought possible.

Because sometimes, at the end of the road, an unexpected new beginning awaits.

  Tragedy has a way of making you learn to be strong—even when you're not ready.


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