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Anastasi Family Syndicate

Fractured Devotion

Fractured Devotion

Book Six

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Releasing 5/7/24

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There are women you'd die for, women you'd kill for... but I'd never fallen for a woman who might kill me.


  • Mafia
  • Alphahole
  • Hidden Identity
  • Damaged Heroine
  • Second Chance
  • Emotional Scars
  • Revenge
  • Redemption
  • Kidnapped


As the head of club security, my job was to protect the Anastasi family's assets and stay out of their dark deals. I wasn't supposed to fall for Carmela, the youngest Anastasi. But those naughty smiles and f*cking in the backroom left my feelings for the off-limits Mafia princess a tangled mess.

Until she was taken...and destroyed.

It's been six months since, and she's broken in ways I can't describe and might not survive. She might say she doesn't want me, but she's got no qualms about riding my c*ck or using me as her toy whenever she wants. And I let her because I know the real her—the one who's alive in there somewhere.

I'll follow Carmel into the darkness, and fight her demons even if it means I have to become the merciless blood-coated devil I despise.

Because this time... I'll do whatever it takes to save her.

Look Inside

Darkness spills out, threatening to seep into my soul as I drive the blade down, piercing the vile man’s flesh. But I don’t have a soul anymore—not since men just like him stole mine from me. It’s been months since I was taken and tortured for their pleasure. It started as revenge on my family, but quickly became a game. One that cost me everything, not just my heart. I’d had freedom within my grasp until he slipped from my fingers and fell to his demise. I’ll never forget the sound of my own screams as I watched the only man I’d ever love die trying to save me. Weeks later, when I came too in a hospital somewhere outside of Bogotá, Columbia, I vowed to get revenge.

For weeks I wallowed in my self-pity, refusing to let my
family know I was alive, deciding life wasn’t worth living—who would want me
now that I was tainted?

Then, one night as I was slinking through the streets, I watched as two men savagely attacked a young girl. I hid in the shadows, fear immobilizing me from helping her. As I watched them use her body for their sick desires, something snapped inside me. Rage, unlike anything I’d ever felt, flowed through my veins until I decided then and there I wasn’t going to standby anymore. I’d finish what my brothers had started. I’d spend an eternity wiping the planet of men like the two who raped that girl. Like the men who’d
stolen me and sold me for sexual depravity. For weeks I spent every moment I could, learning about the man who’d taken me. I bartered and traded to earn money until I met Harlen.

He’d taken me in and became my refuge and then my benefactor. Being well off, he’d been able to provide me with the tools and resources I needed to fine tune the demon I’d become. His wife had died at the hands of a human trafficker and then they’d taken his daughter. It’d happened while he’d been
deployed overseas. Not even his precious military could help him—deciding to leave the Marines was an easy decision for him. Coming to Columbia to find her kidnappers was his plan. But dead end, after dead end, he'd resigned himself to
her being dead and him being too late to save her.

Until me.

Even if his daughter was dead, he wanted to see the men pay.
My rage and beauty would become a lethal combination used to lure and destroy them. We spent months training with every weapon imaginable, but like my brother, I found a calming affinity with a blade. And like Vincenzo, I was good
with one. Seven months later, I was a savage.

I became judge and executioner for the scum prowling the streets for the weak. My moral compass became frayed as the blood of monsters tainted my hands. But every dead skin trader meant more women would be freed. No longer afraid of death, I became the monster they feared.

A grunting sound reminds me of where I am. Glancing down at the fat piece of shit pinned beneath me, I lean forward and press my lips against his ear. “Tell me where he is.”

“He’ll kill me.”

I snickered, digging the blade in deeper into the side of his neck as I let the heat of my breath caress his skin. “As soon as I pull this knife out of you, you're dead anyway. Give me what I want, and I won’t
kill your family. Tell me maiale, do they know what you do? Does your son and wife know the depravity you crave?” I’d never kill an innocent, but he
didn’t know if I was serious. There’d been plenty of stories about the blonde woman with looks that killed—literally. I could feel his body trembling in fear. “So tell me where to find him.

I’d spent the last two months infiltrating buyer events. Hundreds of women had been set free from the hell they’d been trapped in for months, years even. They’d dubbed me the Angel of Mercy—only I was The Angel of Death—harbinger of retribution. 

Yet I was no closer to finding the bastard, Aleski. He’d bought me, then unceremoniously shot Alex before pushing him out of the
helicopter. The way Alex’s eyes widened in terror, not from his impending death, but from the knowledge he wasn’t going to save me, would forever haunt
my nightmares. I couldn’t go home… not without being able to tell my brothers that the man responsible for everything was dead. So here I was, seven months later, covered in another man’s blood. Just thinking of that awful day, I twisted the handle, applying even more pressure on his body. Blood spurted out of the hole in his neck as he coughed. Red trickled out the edges of his mouth, curling
down his cheeks in a river of crimson.

“He’s in America.” The fucker actually smirked as he gasped
for air. “Vegas, to be exact. He’s got something going on at a sporting event, and then a new shipment of women is ready for transport. He went to inspect the merchandise before his goons escorted them here. The next showing is going to be the biggest event yet.”

 Hearing the name of my home made me shudder. I pressed into his body, twisting the knife in his throat. His eyes widened when he realized his time had come to an end. With a last whisper of parting words, I jerked the steel from his slick flesh and pushed to a stand.


I wasn’t sure I was ready to face my siblings, but if that
was where Aleksi was, then it looked like I was going home. Wiping the blood-stained blade on my pants, I sheathed it in the leather strapped to my thigh and made my way out of the dingy hotel room. Luring Byron Coltzoff here had been easier than I expected. The moment he laid eyes on me at the dingy bar, getting him to take me to this pay-by-the-hour hotel had been a piece of cake. And since crime and death were a common occurrence, no one would think anything unusual as I
walked out of there speckled with blood. The only thing I regretted is that I had to hold his tiny cock in my hand before plunging my blade into his fat ass.

It was the one good thing about being in Columbia. Drug
lords and skin traders ruled the streets with fear. Too bad for them. Fear wasn’t an emotion I could feel anymore. After being tied down and whipped, then raped, the things that go bump at night hid from me now. I sauntered down to the alley where I’d left my bike and tugged on the helmet. Slinging my leg over the leather seat, I jerked the key I’d tucked into my bra out and cranked the

Winding the sleek black bike through the shotty roads, I throttled the engine as I climbed the hill towards Harlen’s sanctuary. His house on the hill was intimidating to the locals, mostly because it looked like something out of a horror movie. But it kept them away and gave him privacy.
Privacy that had proven beneficial to me as I became the new version of myself.
Gone was my long brown hair. In its place was bleached blonde hair strands that I wore in a tight ponytail. My body was healed and in the best physical shape it had ever been—that didn’t mean my insides were. My mental health was another story. The night terrors that limited my sleep proved I wasn’t better. I didn’t
think I’d ever be. Harlen was twenty years my senior. And despite him being an attractive man, he was like another brother to me.

Hell, the only time he could touch me was if we were sparing. I couldn’t handle the feel of his hands on me otherwise. Not to mention my sexual yearnings had been snuffed out at the hands of my rapist. When your body is used repeatedly for another's pleasure despite your pleas to
stop, sex becomes weaponized—instilling terror instead of desire in you. I wasn’t sure I could ever have sex for pleasure again. Especially since I’d learned to turn it against the vile pigs I was after. My body was a weapon… in more ways than one.

Sex was a means to an end—their end.

I knew I’d never come back from the person I’d become, but I didn’t care. Knowing the man I loved more than my own life was dead, my heart was frozen in a time that no longer existed. My past was eviscerated. My present tainted, and my future lost. Nothing but revenge mattered to me anymore. Not even my own life.

I pull the bike into the garage and kill the engine. Slinging my leg over the seat, I push to a stand and stretch. My body takes a beating each time I go toe to toe with the scum I plan to rid the planet of. Dropping my helmet onto the table near the door, I walked inside and called out for Harlan.

I wasn’t at all surprised to find him in the kitchen. Harlan loved to cook—he claimed it helped him forget the ugliness of the world. Whatever his reason, I was grateful. His cooking was fucking delicious. Almost as good as my brothers. Thinking about Vin made my chest constrict and I
pressed my fist against the spot between my breasts.

“You ok?” Harlan’s raspy voice jerked me from my thoughts.


“You get what you were hoping?”

“Yes—looks like I’m taking a trip.”

Harlan set down the spoon he was using to stir the decadent
smelling soup with. “So, Alexsi is not in Columbia after all.”

We knew this was a possibility, but what I hadn’t planned on
was the proximity his location would bring me to my past. This was something I didn’t
know if I’d be able to handle. Not being home meant I could pretend Alex wasn’t dead, or that my entire life had been ripped away from me. Once I stepped foot back in Vegas, that would change. I’d be forced to face the truth of what
happened. I’d be forced to tell my family I was alive.

“Nope… he’s definitely not here.”

Harlan leaned against the countertop and folded his arms
across his chest. “Are you planning on telling me where he is, or do I need to

 Closing my eyes I
centered myself. Harlan knew the way I felt about going home to Vegas, so he’d
understand my hesitancy to say it out loud. Shaking my head, I shook out the
darkness threatening to consume my thoughts and took a deep breath. Opening my eyes, I looked him in the eyes and spoke.

“Vegas. Aleksi Lipovsky is in Vegas.”


Yeah… fuck was right. “Looks like I’m going home.”


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