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Lyons Tactical Investigations

Protecting Kimber: Team Atlas

Protecting Kimber: Team Atlas

Book One

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Rory Maverick lives by a code—Honor, Loyalty, and Truth.

So, when his best friend calls asking him for a favor, he doesn't hesitate.

Plus, the timing couldn't be better. Going to Podunk, Alabama, to watch over his best friend's little sister sounds like a cakewalk job compared to the high-maintenance celebrities he's grown to loathe.

How hard can it be, right?

Try nearly impossible.

Kimber Storm says she just wants a peaceful summer and to get her brother's newly inherited house ready for his return. She swears she's just trying to return to her roots and write music that feeds her soul.

But trouble's following her, and she’s going to need a hero.

Can he be the man she needs and stand by her when he learns the truth about who she really is?

He swore he'd never cross the line with someone he was protecting... especially not for a woman who happens to be a rockstar hiding in plain sight.


He’d heard her play several times over the last few weeks, but until this time, the music she tapped out on the piano sounded… sad. Pushing open the door, he quietly stepped inside. She was so completely lost in the notes she tapped out, she didn’t notice him.

“You’re really good.” He watched as she turned to face him, her fingers hovering over the keys. “I’m surprised you don’t have a record deal of your own.”

She stiffened but shook it off quickly, but not before he saw it.

“Thanks, but I just do what I’m told and make music.” She pulled the lid over the ivory and stood. “You hungry? I’m starving.”

She started toward him, and for some reason, he decided the skirt around his attraction was stupid. Rory wrapped his fingers around her arm and pulled her against his body. Her curvy frame fit perfectly against his, and when he threaded his fingers through her silky strands, he tugged her lips against his. When she moaned against his mouth, he knew he’d made the right decision. The world around them faded into insignificance as the magnetic pull between their lips drew them closer. The music room, once filled only with the sounds of her instruments, now bore witness to the delicate overture of something blooming between them. This attraction was a force Rory didn’t think he could fight, nor did he want to.

When he finally pulled back, her eyes were unfocused, and her lips were swollen from the kiss he’d taken without any ounce of regret.

“I’ve wanted to kiss you from the moment you opened the door, Kimber.”

She blinked, clearing the haze of desire that was polluting the pools of blue staring at him. “I… Rory,” she whispered his name, and at first, he thought she might regret the kiss, but when she rose on her tiptoes and covered his mouth again, all rational thought left his brain.

Hoisting her body up, he spun them so her back was against the keys he’d somehow closed first. Her fingers speared his hair as he licked and sucked at the smooth flesh of her neck. Kimber rubbed her core against the bulge in his pants, making his dick jerk with need.

“Please Rory…” Kimber’s breathless plea made him crazy with desire.

Not stopping to think about the repercussions or the fact his best friend—her brother—would probably put a bullet between his eyes, Rory slipped his hand beneath her dress and pressed his fingers into her panties.

“You this wet for me?” He groaned against her neck. “Jesus, Kimber.”

He fingerfucked her as their mouths dueled for ownership. When her walls clamped down on his digits, Kimber cried out, flooding his hand with her juices.

“I need you inside me, Rory… now.” She groaned as she continued to undulate her hips against him. He slipped his fingers free of her channel.

“You sure about this?” He searched her face for confirmation.

Bobbing her head as she tugged at his shirt, “Yes… I need to feel you.”

Rory carried her over to the baby grand piano. “Will this hold you?”

She watched through hooded eyelids as he laid her on top of the smooth black surface. Tugging his belt free, he lowered his zipper and pushed down his pants enough to free his cock.

“Shit… Kimber, I don’t have a condom. I wasn’t planning on this when I came in here.”

“I don’t care… get over here and get inside me, Rory.” She grabbed his hands and pulled him between her legs.
Rory tried to pull back, but she had other ideas and locked her feet behind his ass, jerking him forward.

“Jesus, Kimber. Wait.”

“I’m on the shot… having a period while I’m—Never mind, it doesn’t matter. Just fuck me already.”

All the blood rushed to his dick as he pressed himself between her folds. No one, and he’d fucked plenty of women, ever felt like this. He wanted to pinch himself to make sure he wasn’t dead because the way her pussy swallowed his shaft felt like heaven. When he bottomed out inside her womb, he leaned over her and captured her lips with his own. He pressed his tongue inside, tangling with hers. Her taste was addictive, and he knew without a doubt this wasn’t going to be a one-time thing.
She lifted her hips, causing his hard member to pulse inside her channel.

Taking the cue, Rory began to move, and fuck, if it didn’t get even better. She made music like she was a star, but the way she took him inside her rivaled any harmony she could think of writing. They continued in a dance of sin, their moans and pants filling the music room with their own version of a symphony.

When he felt her body tighten beneath him, Rory reached between them and pinched the tiny pearl above her slit. Like a trigger, it sent her over the edge like a bomb detonating. Her walls locked down on his cock, almost to the point of being painful, and his body responded in kind. His orgasm ripped from him, and he spilled inside her. Never had he cum so hard in his life.

Practically collapsing over her, Rory braced himself with his palms and lifted his spent frame to look her in the eyes.

“Damn… that was—” He shook his head, trying to find the words to explain what they’d shared. But the moment reality hit, he winced at the realization of what it meant.

“Fuck. Your brother is going to kill me.”

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