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Lyons Tactical Investigations

Protecting Taylor: Team Atlas

Protecting Taylor: Team Atlas

Book Two

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Releasing 8/27/2024

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Following a devastating breakup, Taylor seeks a simple, controlled life, away from complications like Atlas Lyons, the sexy-as-sin ex-Navy Seal.

His mischievous dog, a cupcake heist, and a passionate mistake bind him to her thoughts, despite her resolve to stay detached. Their chemistry is undeniable, marked by a night neither can forget.

Atlas, committed to his security business and guarding the vulnerable, vowed to shield his heart after losing his father to a broken heart months after losing his mother. But Taylor, a talented baker with a touch as sweet as her confections, disrupts his defenses. Her resistance only fuels his desire to break through her walls.

As Taylor's troubled past resurfaces, the only man she can turn to is the man who might be more dangerous than the storm brewing on the horizon.

Atlas is determined to shield her, facing danger head-on. Amid the turmoil, he attempts to prove he's more than a protector—he's a man capable of deep, enduring love.

Can Atlas not only save her but also capture her heart, showing that together, they can overcome any obstacle?

In a world filled with danger and lies… unexpected love can be the sweetest form of chaos.


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