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The Signal Series

Signal 33: Finding Zoey

Signal 33: Finding Zoey

Book One

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<p>Fire isn’t the only heat she needs to worry about... because her hero is going to make sure he's burned into her soul.</p>
<p>Zoey's the curvy girl everyone overlooks. Always in the friend zone, she's given up on love and focused on my career. When the unthinkable happens and her life goes up in smoke... literally. Zoey wasn't expecting the man of her dreams to crash through her door and pull her from the inferno.</p>
<p>He might have put out the fire that night, but he left a raging inferno inside<i>her</i>.</p>

Fire isn't the only heat she needs to worry about... because her hero is going to make sure he's burned into her soul.


Dawson pulled her towards him, his fingers going to her chin to tilt her face to his. He ran his thumb down her cheek, slipping his hand behind her head, tangling his fingers into her hair. Dawson looked at her lips, allowing her to pull away.

When she didn’t, he dragged her mouth to his, fitting his lips over hers. The heat that Zoey felt caused her to moan, her body instinctively pressing into his. Her arms wound around his neck as his free hand traced down her side and fit against her bottom.

She could feel his arousal pressing into her stomach, causing her to gasp. He pulled back, resting his forehead against hers.

“I’m sorry. I know that isn’t part of our non-date rules. But I couldn’t go another minute without kissing you. Zoey – I like you. And not just as a friend. But if this is too much, I’ll leave.”

Zoey closed her eyes, her body still pressed against his. She didn’t know what she wanted long-term, but without a doubt, Zoey knew she wanted him right now.

She cupped his cheek, “Shut up and kiss me again.”

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