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The Signal Series

Signal 41: Saving Carson

Signal 41: Saving Carson

Book Five

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<p>I've seen it all working on the squad truck. Sometimes death is inevitable and I've learned to accept I can't always be the hero. But something about the Signal 41 call I worked, leaves me feeling like I failed. And when I watch the victim's mother crumble to pieces in front of me, something inside me breaks.</p>
<p>I shouldn't want her the way I do. But seeing what she's going through, I can't walk away. She might not think she's ready for me, but I'm not going anywhere. If there is anything being a firefighter has taught me, it's not to quit. Life might have kicked Carson down, but I'll prove love can heal her wounds.</p>
<p>She might not think she needs a hero… but helping her piecer herself back together might be my&nbsp;<em>biggest&nbsp;</em>save yet.</p>

She might not think she needs a hero… but piecing her back together might be my biggest save yet.


Jason lifted her hand into his. “Look at me Carson.” She
lifted her gaze to meet his. “I know what it’s like to lose
someone you love—albeit not a child. But the pain is no
different. You feel like your heart is being ripped out and
nothing can numb the pain.”

Her eyes never strayed from his. The raw emotion he was sharing shined in his eyes, an honesty she didn’t expect from a man like him. “When my parents were taken from me, in a similar way—car accident.” He took a breath as the memory washed over him. “I thought I would never open myself up to heartache again. And until recently, I’ve kept people at an arm’s length.”

Carson blinked, her heart pounding on the inside. “Why

He gave her a sexy grin. “Because I met this woman who
made me realize sometimes tragedy happens, but love can heal the hurt.” His radio went off and he grimaced. “Shit. I gotta go.”

Carson watched as he grabbed the bag Charlie had set on the table without her noticing. “I want to believe that’s true… but it hurts too much to feel anything but the pain.”

Jason watched her closely, making her squirm under his penetrating gaze. “The pain will lessen over time, Carson. I promise. In the meantime, I’ll be here for you in whatever way you need. OK?”

She held her breath, confusion at the way Jason Hunter wasmaking her feel. “Ok.” Carson watched as he turned on his heel and walked out.

“He’s a good man.” Charlie was watching the two of themfrom the counter. “Carson.” He pinned her with a fatherly look. “Don’t let your guilt consume you so much that you lose sight of something wonderful. He’s right—tragedy can sometimes lead to something wonderful.”

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