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The Signal Series

Signal 63: Reviving London

Signal 63: Reviving London

Book Two

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<p>Being a paramedic is a serious business. My whole life has been dedicated to helping others, leaving little time for myself. Some say it is how I keep the demons of my past locked away. But when I work a signal 63—an Officer Down call, something inside me breaks.</p>
<p>Reviving her revived something inside of me... something I thought I had given up on years ago.</p>
<p>But this fierce woman won't let anyone help her—insisting she's strong enough to go at it alone. I'm going to show her it's okay to let someone in, but only if that someone is me.</p>

London might think proving herself as a cop is hard... but Davey's about to be the challenge she never saw coming.


“That took some major balls.” He shook his head. “You could have gotten hurt.”

She held her palms up. “Well. I didn’t. It all worked out fine.”

Davey wore a pinched expression as his head shook. “You shouldn’t take chances like that… he was a big guy and had a weapon.”

London gritted her teeth. She was used to this response from men—they all thought she should leave the hard police work for the boys. But hearing him say it made her blood spark with anger. “So, because he’s a big guy, I should have stayed away or shot him? Look… Davey, was it?” London stepped forward and poked him in the chest. “Just because I am a woman. One who happens to be petite doesn’t mean I can’t do this job. In fact, I am pretty sure I could have you on your back before you realized what was happening.”

Davey threw his hands up and stepped back. “Fuck. Didn’t mean to offend you. And being a woman had nothing to do with my concern… I’d have said the same thing to your partner had he done that.”

“Frank?” London laughed. “He’d have a heart attack first… Or shit his pants for real. He can’t even get in the car without being winded.”

“Now, who's being judgemental?” Davey cocked an eyebrow.

“Whatever.” She shrugged. “See ya around, Davey.”

Davey watched as she walked off. His blood was pumping hard from how much she got under his skin. He hated how she affected him.

“Hey, Officer Brett?” Davey called out to her as she tugged open the door to get in her patrol car. “I’d like to see you get me on my back in less than five seconds.”

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