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The Signal Series

Signal 99: Freeing Felicity

Signal 99: Freeing Felicity

Book Three

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<p>I've been with the department for eleven years -&nbsp; on the SWAT team for six. I've seen my share of bullshit. But this call-out is different. This time, it's someone I know. I thought she was the one, but Felicity broke my heart in high school when she left and never looked back. Since then, I've sworn off relationships, saving myself from any more heartache.</p>
<p>&nbsp;Seeing her brings up old feelings I thought I'd buried all those years ago. But I'm starting to think I was wrong because seeing her has me wondering if there is a second chance... for us.</p>
<p>&nbsp;Will a chance encounter be the thing that frees us both from the hurt that's held us prisoner all these years, or is it too late for us to find redemption and a chance at real love?</p>

My heart should have been his... but I gave it to a monster instead.


THE GLOW of the sunlight warmed Felicity’s face, stirring her from her restless sleep. Opening her eyes, she realized she was cocooned in the human blanket, Liam. His leg was slung over hers, and his arm held her close to his chest. She couldn’t help but notice that even though he was snoring, part of him was wide awake. She ground her behind against him, sparking a moan from behind her. Liam pressed into her, then realizing what he was doing, jerked, causing himself to roll onto the floor.


Felicity couldn’t contain her giggle. “Oh my god, are you

He rubbed his head. “I should ask you that. I meant to get
back on the floor last night, but apparently, my body enjoyed your mattress a little too much.”

Felicity’s eyes flicked to the tent in his boxers, and she
smiled. “I think your body enjoyed more than my mattress.”

Liam covered his very prominent erection with his hands.
“Felicity, I… god, this is embarrassing.”

“Why are you embarrassed? It’s not like I don’t know what it looks like.”

Liam shrugged as he squeezed his eyes closed. “Well, yeah. But it’s inconsiderate of me. You’re not ready for this yet. I should have been more careful.”

Felicity slid out from under the covers and crawled across the bed. She propped herself on her knees and smiled at Liam.

“Liam.” She held out her hand, beckoning him closer. He
took it, allowing her to pull him towards her. “You have
nothing to apologize for. And more careful? Careful of

“I just don’t want you to think…” his words died.

“Sex? You’re worried. I think you want sex?”

He nodded as his skin flushed with embarrassment.

“I don’t think that. In fact,” she tugged him closer. “You have treated me like glass for far too long. I’m not ready for that…” she shuddered. “But you told me you loved me and have not even attempted to kiss me. Why?”

Liam stood there, frozen. He did not know why he hadn’t
tried to kiss her. He just knew he worried about messing up her healing, inside and outside. Figuring she’d let him know when she was ready for anything, he realized, staring down at her now, that he’d been wrong.

“Well?” She probed again.

Liam didn’t think. He just pressed his lips to hers. She froze at first, and Liam feared he’d made a mistake. But she wound her fingers into his hair and pulled him in closer. Their bodies pressed into one another, and the kiss turned fierce. It was everything he’d remembered. Her moist lips moved with his in sync. Her tongue danced with his. Her soft moans made his cock jump in anticipation.

Breaking the kiss, Liam rested his forehead on hers. “I missed that—no… I missed us.” He kissed her face, stepping away from her hold. “But if I don’t go shower, my dick will override my brain. And you are definitely not ready for that."

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