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Lyons Tactical Investigations

Protecting Avery

Protecting Avery


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There's a fine line between love and hate... but the fire that burns between them is undeniable.


  • Private Security
  • Alphahero
  • Age-Gap
  • Damaged Hero
  • Off Limits
  • Emotional Scars
  • Workplace Romance
  • Possessive Protector
  • Resisting Love


Avery Downs has the best job ever.

She the right hand assistant and best friend to rock star Stormer Hart, aka Kimber Storm. She'd do anything for her... except deal with the brooding a-hole in charge of security. Henley Sparks might be twice her age, but the man is hot as sin... not to metion a overbearing control freak. Avery does everything she can to push his buttons just like he does hers. When Avery encounters something that could put Kimber in trouble, she'll have to do the one thing she's avoided—ask Henley for help.

One thing is for certain... the heat between them will definitely cause one hell of a burn.

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